Queen Persona presents: "Women of Power Walking In Confidence"

My 1st women's seminar (SOLD OUT seminar I might add :-)) was held on the 18th of Feb @ the Lincoln Center in Spokane. It was an AMAZING event. The women received all that God had for them to receive & it was a major accomplishment for Queen Persona!! This was the 1st but definitely not the last event so stay tuned for the future endeavours of Queen Persona.

As women we go thru so much in life & most times we allow those same struggles & circumstances to make us forget the power that God blessed us w/ as women. The vision of the seminar was to educate, encourage, empower, & inspire women. To help them understand & remember just who they are "Queens/Women of Power"

Topics of discussion included:
-Confidence in Faith
-Dreams & Goals
-Healthy Living (Health, Fitness, & Body Image)
-Confidence in Self (Mind, Body, & Spirit)
-Knowing/Dressing for your Body Type
-Mini Fashion Show

-Doc Roberta Wilburn: Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies Whitworth University, Vice President of the Spokane Minister's Fellowship, President of the Nonprofit Leadership Development for Children of The Dream

-Stephy Beans: Author, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Poet, Producer, & Founder of Fields of Diamonds House of Blessings Women's Transition Home

-Brooke Holloman: Owner, Operator, & Lead Trainer at CHROME (Coming Here Regardless of My Excuses) Personal Training Centre

-Jessie LaQueenia: Owner of Queen Persona Online Boutique, Personal Style/Inspirational Blogger & Fashion Stylist

It was an awesome blessing to have the event opened w/ a prophetic dance from Mona Martin Owner of Christian Dance Academy

The Mini Fashion Show included models of all shapes & sizes displaying to guest the different body shapes & what style of clothing looks good on each body shape. To include the Apple, Pear, Inverted Triangle, Athletic, & Hour Glass body shapes

                         MODELS of the Different Body Shapes: 
-Dasja Rose Davis
-Vernecia Howard
-Sarah Lindsay 
-Nesha Howard
-Terezeta Graham
-Denise Cleveland 

I had to take a strut down the cat walk =)

The guest received nice gift bags w/ awesome resources, gift ceritifcates, coupons, etc.

The greatest blessing was seeing women of ALL shades & ages coming together to help encourage, inspire, educate, & empower one another. "Women helping women is what it's all about"

Special thanks to Vivid Creations Event Planning for all their hard work in making the Women of Power event such a HUGE success!

A HUGE thank you to JITA Video Production company for recording/producing the video for the event. The Women of Power Walking in Confidence DVD can be purchased @

*Know your POWER....Walk in CONFIDENCE!*


  1. good job cousin to bad im not up there to come to these events

  2. This was a fabulous event! So glad I was able to attend. I am looking forward to the next one!