{Exciting News! I'll be writing for Ambition Magazine!!}

Hey Queens/Kings!

As mentioned before I've been extremely busy and God has been opening doors of opportunity for me left and right! I'm beyond excited to share that I've been offered a feature to write for Ambition Magazine!!! Writing has always been a passion of mine and once I get to writing/typing my fingers move in their own direction. I find myself going back over the things I've written and more times than not I go "I WROTE THAT??" So I'm excited to share my writings with the world. For those who don't know I'm a journalism student with plans to write my own inspirational books in the future. This will be an excellent way to practice my craft and share spiritual inspiration with the readers of Ambition Magazine.

The magazine does  quarterly print publications as well as an online magazine. My first feature will be posted in the August 2012 print. I'll also have features with the online magazine regularly. Be sure to check it out @ I love the feel of the magazine and the variety of things offered to readers. I'm honored, shocked, and full of excitement all at the same time!

OK truth moment....I'm the BIGGEST Sex And The City fan. I own all of the DVDs as well as the movies. I've watched them so many times I've lost count. It's nothing for me to pull out my DVD collection grab a bottle of wine some chips and dip and curl up on the sofa to enjoy a Friday night with some of my fave girls!
One of my biggest reasons for being a fan of the show is of course CARRIE!! Not just because she's a fabulous style inspiration. She's also one of my inspirations when it comes to writing. I used to tell myself that like Carrie one day I'll start off writing a column for a paper and I would go on to getting my own books published. I'll be walking down the street one day in Paris and see it sitting there looking oh so lovely in the window of a cozy book store. So you can only imagine my excitement! ;)

It's rare that you will find me without a journal or notepad on me. My mind likes to take off on it's on and when it does I like to jot down those thoughts to refer back to. This is what a normal morning and night looks like for me. I wake up to this and I go to bed to this.

This is something that I've always wanted but never really thought that it would happen. Especially not so soon. I thank God for each and every blessing of opportunity. He continues to show me that as long as I believe and continue to place my trust and faith in Him and allow Him to lead my footsteps; then the sacrifices I have to make are not in vain at all.

I just want to encourage anyone that has a dream/goal to hold on to it! Never let it go; we may sometimes feel as though it's never going to happen when in fact we have no idea when God plans to open the right door of opportunity. Wake up every morning and tell yourself:

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