{Weekly/Spiritual Inspiration "Never Allow Your Struggles to Lead You....Let Your FAITH Lead You"}

In life we're all bond to have struggles. That's just life. Too many times we allow our struggles to lead us concerning our life choices.

We have to reject negative thinking. Stop thinking of all the things that could go wrong. Stop crying over all the things that did go wrong. Stop allowing ourselves to be the victim.

Only allow yourself to think positive thoughts. Think of all the blessings that you have in store. Forgive those who have wronged you. Move forward with your life and refuse to live in the pass.

Don’t bother looking at what you don’t have…look unto God to make the impossible POSSIBLE. Ask of Him and have the faith and confidence that your prayers will be answered.

Every since I was younger I’ve always said I wanted to own my own business, I wanted to own my boutique, and I wanted to write books. For a long time it was just that me “saying” what I wanted to do. There was no “work” added to the “saying”. A year and a half ago I decided that I was done talking about what I wanted and it was time to go after the things I wanted in life with a spirit of determination. I started out doing my research by looking at all the things I needed to do. I spent many late nights, early mornings, and lunch breaks doing my research. Six months after that I took the initiative of getting my business cards made, followed by getting my business license.

In the mist of all of this did I have struggles?? YES! Plenty of them. There was a lot of chaos going on in my life during that time (I still have chaos lol). It’s like the enemy knew what God had in store for me and his only agenda was to turn Jessie’s life into an uproar. He wanted to throw struggles at me in an effort to shake my faith. But you know what I kept on (pray until something happens). There were plenty of nights I stayed up crying not sure of what tomorrow would bring. But the most important thing is I kept The more I p.u.s.h.ed the more my faith was strengthen. If I would have allowed those struggles to lead me instead of my faith the blessings that God has for me would have been delayed even longer.

With one step of faith God has taken me to places that I never dreamed I would be. Especially not so soon. My faith allows me to have confidence in knowing that this is just the beginning and that there’s so much more in store for me.

Faith will get you very far!

Stay blessed! MUAHHHH

Jessie LaQueenia

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