Fit-spiration: Healthy Living

Practicing healthy living habits and self control can glorify God and make a woman more effective in her daily walk with Him as well as her relationships with others. Our body is the Lord's temple, so we should cherish and take care of it.

-Clean eating and regular exercise is important to maintain a physically healthy lifestyle.

A mentally healthy lifestyle can be sustained by exercising your brain regularly.
  • Read/Meditate
  • Invest in "me time" on a regular basis not just for special occasions.
  • Concentrate on surrounding yourself with positivity in all aspects of your life.

Remaining spiritually fit enables us to have inner peace that will radiate into a brighter human being. It gives us a special light that can be used to shine in even the darkest of places.
  • Read & meditate on God's Word daily
  • Pray persistently
  • Never rob God of his praise
  • Attend church on a regular basis
  • Use the gifts/talents God blessed you with to glorify His kingdom.
It is our job to take care of ourseleves physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


Fashion Talk: Underwear and Body Types

Amazingly an estimated 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! Wearing the right underwear for your body shape is essential. For the best results choose well fitting undergarments that will compliment your figure.

Wearing a bra that is the correct size and style for your body shape will give a great foundation for the clothes you wear and can also have a big effect on how good you look and feel.

As in shopping for your wardrobe the same goes with shopping for your underwear. You need to KNOW & UNDERSTAND your body shape.

The apple and hourglass figures tend to have a fuller bust and the pear and boyish shape are usually smaller busted. It is imperative to know & understand  your body shape.

The best sizing guide is what will fit you comfortably in both the bra band and the bra cup.

THE BRA BAND:The bra band, should fit with support, if it moves about too much, leaves red marks, rides up at the back or the shoulder straps, or dig into your skin then you have the wrong band fit.

New bras should be comfortably worn on the second or third hook, this will then give enough room for adjustment as bras ages and tend to stretch with age.

Incorrectly fitted bras can result in puckering, rubbing and even back pain!


The bra cup should support the breast without being too tight, if the cup results in the breast spilling out then opt to try on a larger cup size.


Apple Shaped Women:
 Larger Bust
Broader Shoulders
Narrower Hips
Less Defined Waist
  • Because our Apples tend to have larger breasts, it is essential to choose a well-fitting bra that provides the correct lift and support you need. The right bra completes the enhancement and should also be comfortable to wear. With larger breasts it is also a good idea to go for a professional measurement from time to time.
Pear Shaped Women:
Wider hips and thighs
Narrower shoulders
Wider bottom
Smaller bust
  • Underwear for pear shaped ladies should aim at visually increasing the breast size.
Athletic Shaped Women:
Undefined Waist
Narrower Hips
Small Bust
  • Underwear for athletic shaped ladies should aim at visually increasing the breast, hips, and butt and at the same time visually trimming the waist to appear smaller, which gives the look of a curvier figure.

Hourglass Shaped Women:
Bust and hips nearly the same size
Well defined waist - 9" or more smaller than bust
Full Bust
Shapely Legs
  • The hourglass has the perfect body shape, embrase your curves but ensure you wear the correct sized underwear.