Welcome/MEET Jessie LaQueenia

Female by Birth, Woman by Experience, Lady by Choice is the best way to describe Jessie LaQueeina!

Jessie is a wife, mother, and business owner. She is a Woman of God who understands without Jesus Christ she is nothing. Jessie LaQueenia holds an Associates degree in Human Resource Management, a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, and is currently enrolled in graduate school pursuing her Master's in Business Management. 

In 2011 she created Queen Persona by Jessie LaQueenia Lifestyle Blog (originally named: Queen Persona by Jessie LaQueenia Personal Style & Inspirational Blog) to share spiritual inspiration with readers and to document and share her own personal fashion style journey. While working as a personal stylist and fashion buyer for 5 years, she discovered her true passion of making women not only look good but to feel beautiful, powerful, and worthy. That passion gave birth to Queen Persona by Jessie LaQueenia LLC.

Queen Persona’s Spiritual Inspirational posts are designed to proclaim good news and expose God’s love to all mankind through Jesus Christ. Its purpose is to encourage readers spiritually and demonstrate the power written in the Word of God.
In 2013, Jessie became a contributing writer with Ambition Magazine where she produces Spiritual Inspirational content to over 30,000 readers.

In the summer of 2012 Jessie stepped out on faith, followed her dreams, and launched Queen Persona by Jessie LaQueenia Boutique, an online women's boutique and later in 2012 launched her own nail lacquer line, Queen Persona by Jessie LaQueenia Nail Lacquer.

In  2013 Jessie LaQueenia founded Anointed Queens of Purpose which is a group of strong and determined women on a mission to make a difference in the world around them. The woman that is aware she has a queen like anointing and was created by the Heavenly Father for an ordained purpose. She remains passionate about inspiring and encouraging women all over the world to love, embrace, and walk in their God given strength. 

As a certified lash artist, Jessie LaQueenia has offered lash extension services to clients since 2013. In 2018, the JessHer Lashes Collection was launched. JessHer Lashes eyelash extensions was designed for each and every woman who live for a fabulous lash experience! In order to meet the needs of all women regardless of their eye shape and lifestyle, JessHer Lashes offer clients a variety of eyelash extension styles.

 Jessie LaQueenia is a lover of team fit mommy, books, all things fashion, beauty, and positivity! She is focused on being a wife and mother first, expanding her Queen Persona brand, and inspiring others through outreach & philanthropic initiatives. Stay connected with her on Twitter and Instagram @jess_laqueenia.  

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